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Okay, so I’ve been seeing this going around tumblr, and a lot of people are saying “wow! I got this letter a few weeks ago from Vector and I’m in Pennsylvania!” or “I live in Maryland and I got this letter too”

While it is important to make people aware of human trafficking and it’s horrors, the information about Vector is completely false. So before you contact the authorities or anyone else to investigate Vector for human trafficking only for the trail to come up cold, please read the following -

While Vector is a bullshit company that exploits young people, it’s not actually a human trafficking ploy. It’s a pyramid scheme to get you to sell CutCo knives. 

I know because I got these as soon as I turned 18 a couple of years ago - I even went to a “job interview” in my area, not knowing that this Vector marketing was purely a scam (only to find out during the interview that it was) They have many, many different places stationed all over the United States done by the few people who successfully climbed up this pyramid scheme.

What they do is pull in young people between the ages of 18 and 25 with the promise of a high paying job ($15 an hour) with no experience needed - the thing they don’t tell you is that you need to pay $100+ to get the knives you’re trying to market. They also don’t tell you that you need to actually find people willing to check out these knives and set up a meeting for them, drive to the homes where you can show these knives to potential customers, and make a sale. You only get $15 per interview which takes an hour, which is a sneaky way of saying $15 per hour. Many many people fail in doing this, so the turnover rate for the job is obviously going to be large and they’re always going to want to hire new people to fool into paying for knives for only to not be able to do the job.

They also give you a list with 10 people during the interview so that you can recommend to work for this company to if you fall for their scheme, and from that information they can use it to send letters to these people.

The only reason Vector Marketing is still up and running is because some people can actually manage to make a living off of this. There’s proof of that but honestly, it will not work for most people because of what you have to do and how much money you need to spend.

Here’s a video talking about it, from the perspective of another person who did this. Please do a quick Google search of things to confirm that things are what they seem next time.  Also, note that the job offer in the Facebook description looks for girls specifically, while Vector is not discriminatory in their job offers since they’re trying to reel as many people as possible for a terrible job.

That being said, I am in no way trying to diminish the horrors of human trafficking. I’m just trying to explain why Vector is sending letters all over the country and prevent misinformation from spreading. 

Please stay safe, do your research and be wary, regardless of what kind of job offers you get. 

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