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It’s so normalized, they teach it to us from birth. Some people live their entire lives never seeing an issue with the images above.


Dear cis people


  1. Stop gendering genitals: genitals inherently have no gender, if I am agender then so are my genitals I do not have ‘boy genitals’ or ‘girl genitals’ 
  2. Not every trans person cares about passing
  3. Normalise asking preferred pronouns: put your pronouns in your tumblr description, ask new people you meet which pronouns they want you to use. Normalise it
  4. All cis people have cis person privilege 
  5. You do not get a say in what is transphobic and what is not: I literally have nothing else to add to this
  6. Ask people which terms of endearment people are comfortable with: some people will be cool with ‘dude’ or ‘babe’. Some people will not, ask them
  7. You do not know somebody’s gender better than they do
  8. If you misgender somebody do not make it about you. Apologise, correct yourself and move on

Please feel free to add to this!

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tumblr after dark is kind of like…


this looks like a rap video

icryyoumercy look at this Patrick


Video :)

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This is very pleasing to my eyes

This is most satisfying.

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Ornette Coleman, the American saxophonist and composer who liberated jazz from conventional harmony, tonality, structure and expectation, died early on Thursday of cardiac arrest in Manhattan. He was 85.

Photo:  Peter Van Breukelen/gettyimages

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The Science Report

by Stuart Gary

Saturn’s outermost ring stuns astronomers

I’ve just written a story for ABC Science about new data showing that the biggest planetary ring in the solar system is much bigger than previously thought.

A new study, reported today in Nature, has found that Saturn’s outermost ring is nearly 300 times the size of the planet it orbits.

Nobody expected planetary rings to ever be this large, the textbooks all say that rings are small, located close to their planet.

In the previous study the ring was detected between distances of 128 and 207 Saturn radii, but new measurements using NASA’s WISE spacecraft have given the researchers a better picture and increased its size by 30 percent.

If you missed my radio report on the story and want to find out more, check out the online version at:

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Guardian angel or human wrecking ball?


if exploring your gender is ‘becoming a trend’ then i’m glad it’s replacing the ‘being confused and miserable with no context or vocabulary for what you’re going through’ trend


50 shades of grey did not deserve the soundtrack that it got

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RIP Christopher Lee

True legend R.I.P

How then can one expect the state to solve the problem of violence against women, when it constantly recapitulates its own history of colonialism, racism, and war? How can we ask the state to intervene when, in fact, its armed forces have always practiced rape and battery against “enemy” women? In fact, sexual and intimate violence against women has been a central military tactic of war and domination.

Yet the approach of the neoliberal state is to incorporate women into these agencies of violence—to integrate the armed forces and the police.

— Angela Davis, “The Color of Violence Against Women” (via tamarrud)
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Another rainy day comfort food 😌 (at Calgary, Alberta)

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I know this isn’t the best pic, but please share ♥ I’m a hobby photographer and was waiting to take before and after pictures of her when I was going to clean her up, but I never got to :(

She opened and escaped out of a window the morning of June 9th in Plain City, OH on Lafayette Plain City Rd. I’m not sure what time, but it had to have been between 6 AM and 11 AM. It appears she landed on her side, so she might be hurt, it was a long fall.

Last possible sighting was on Dog Leg Rd off Raymond Rd in Marysville, OH at 8 PM on the same day she was lost (6-9-15).

She’s very petite, probably weighs under 35lbs. She’s a very dirty, female, grey and white, brown eyed Siberian Husky. I don’t know much more about her because she had her vet appointment that afternoon. She IS microchipped.

If you see her, or hear of her, PLEASE call me, Demi, at 614-625-7225 (PLEASE DON’T ABUSE THIS, I just want my dog back).

DO NOT try and go after her because she will take off as she’s very scared and most likely feral. She will not come to food, water, people, or dogs and does not have a name she knows because I just rescued her from an awful situation on June 7th (two days before). The shelter had picked her up and held her for a week on stray hold until her previous owners decided they didn’t want her. The whole time she was there she shook from fear and refused food and water. After I got her, it was apparent she had never been socialized and left on a tether for her whole life. She was absolutely terrified of being outside, which led her to break out of the window while I was sleeping.
PLEASE SHARE! I’m so worried and would like her back ASAP.

list of non-coffee shop au's


  • “hey you’re in that one show?” Actor au
  • “your dog is fine, but here’s my number anyway” veterinarian au
  • Teacher au where all their students ship it
  • “I live next door and I heard screaming so I came over thinking someone was getting murdered and now we’re both trying to get the spider out of your apartment” au
  • “you live in the apartment above me and everyday I can hear you singing in the shower but you’re really good and it makes my day” au
  • “I caught the garter and you caught the bouquet” au
  • “it’s 3 am and you’re the only person in the bar that knew all the lyrics to my favorite song and now we’re doing bad karaoke” au
  • “I opened my car door right as you rode your bike by and I am so sorry” au
  • “hey can I draw you?” au
  • “your music is really loud but oh my god this is my jam” au
  • “we’re both camping out in front of a store to get the newest movie/videogame/whatever” au
  • “I keep calling the IT center because you seem really cute” au
  • “I saw you break that thing by accident but your secret is safe with me” au
  • “I accidentally broke this and now we’re both trying to fix it” au
  • “We’re at comic-con and how the hell is your costume so good???” au
  • “you saw me trying to get my couch up the stairs by myself and were nice enough to help” au
  • “I got in a fight and you took me to the ER but you should see the other guy” au
  • “you tripped and I caught you but now it looks like I’m dipping you, how did this even-“ au
  • “you always bring food to lectures and share it with me because you don’t want to be the only person eating” college au
  • “you’re good at this subject, I’m not, I’m good at this subject, you’re not, lets be study buddies” college au
  • “I have a paper due tomorrow and it’s three am, I need all your coffee cause I ran out” college au
  • “my super important papers are in my backpack so I need to commandeer your umbrella please and thank you” college au
  • “you have a pet in your dorm and I have to help you hide it from the RA” college au
  • “It’s 2 am and we’re both doing laundry and I can see you checking out my hello kitty pajamas” college au
  • “No, I was not just drawing porn, don’t look at me” au
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Okay, so I’ve been seeing this going around tumblr, and a lot of people are saying “wow! I got this letter a few weeks ago from Vector and I’m in Pennsylvania!” or “I live in Maryland and I got this letter too”

While it is important to make people aware of human trafficking and it’s horrors, the information about Vector is completely false. So before you contact the authorities or anyone else to investigate Vector for human trafficking only for the trail to come up cold, please read the following -

While Vector is a bullshit company that exploits young people, it’s not actually a human trafficking ploy. It’s a pyramid scheme to get you to sell CutCo knives. 

I know because I got these as soon as I turned 18 a couple of years ago - I even went to a “job interview” in my area, not knowing that this Vector marketing was purely a scam (only to find out during the interview that it was) They have many, many different places stationed all over the United States done by the few people who successfully climbed up this pyramid scheme.

What they do is pull in young people between the ages of 18 and 25 with the promise of a high paying job ($15 an hour) with no experience needed - the thing they don’t tell you is that you need to pay $100+ to get the knives you’re trying to market. They also don’t tell you that you need to actually find people willing to check out these knives and set up a meeting for them, drive to the homes where you can show these knives to potential customers, and make a sale. You only get $15 per interview which takes an hour, which is a sneaky way of saying $15 per hour. Many many people fail in doing this, so the turnover rate for the job is obviously going to be large and they’re always going to want to hire new people to fool into paying for knives for only to not be able to do the job.

They also give you a list with 10 people during the interview so that you can recommend to work for this company to if you fall for their scheme, and from that information they can use it to send letters to these people.

The only reason Vector Marketing is still up and running is because some people can actually manage to make a living off of this. There’s proof of that but honestly, it will not work for most people because of what you have to do and how much money you need to spend.

Here’s a video talking about it, from the perspective of another person who did this. Please do a quick Google search of things to confirm that things are what they seem next time.  Also, note that the job offer in the Facebook description looks for girls specifically, while Vector is not discriminatory in their job offers since they’re trying to reel as many people as possible for a terrible job.

That being said, I am in no way trying to diminish the horrors of human trafficking. I’m just trying to explain why Vector is sending letters all over the country and prevent misinformation from spreading. 

Please stay safe, do your research and be wary, regardless of what kind of job offers you get. 


Dogs are the literal best and let me tell you why.

When my parents are out of town, my pup Remmy sleeps downstairs with me. I don’t mind because the basement is chilly sometimes and he’s a fuzzy little space heater. But he always does this weird thing and I didn’t figure out why until last night.

I’m a stomach-sleeper, while the rest of my family are back-sleepers. So Remmy has taken up this very different behavior with me (my family says he doesn’t do it with them). It always takes me a while to settle down, but when I do, Remmy takes his head off of his paws and rests it square in the center of my back.

So I’m thinking, “What’s the point of that? It can’t be comfortable. It cranes his neck in a funny way, and besides, every time I breathe his head goes up and down. That’s a weird thing.” So I formulate a hypothesis, and test it.

Last night, I got comfortable, Remmy put his head on my back, I waited a while, then I held my breath. It took him a while to react, but when he did, he fuckin lost it. He started whining and yipping, and repeatedly licking my face and hands. And I was like oh my god.

Conclusion: my dog noticed that I slept in a way that was different from the rest of my family, thought “that kid is gonna die” and made sure that I never stopped breathing in the middle of the night.

Dogs are fuckin smart as hell. What a wonderful animal.

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And the second thing? I love you.


i think one of the reasons fandom is so unwilling to criticise itself is because its internalised the simplified whitefem logic of how female gaze=progressive, fandom=female gaze, therefore fandom=progressive and uses it in a way as to never examine the social constructs that the gaze was built upon, like what factors attractiveness/desire arise from. 

you could say that fandom is the female gaze in its most tangible, autonomous form - it’s media for women by women, without bureaucracy and hurdles and censorship, something that never had the chance to develop because mainstream media for women is usually controlled by men. there are very few creative spaces that offer the anonymity and autonomy of internet fandom where we can all truly let our freak flags fly. 

but that doesn’t mean female gaze is absolved of the issues that permeates typical forces of oppression. the female gaze is aimed at different directions, and it ranges from sexual attraction to escapist fantasy, but the female gaze when it becomes an en-masse multi-community movement has the swaying power to focus on certain characters, ships and narratives. and when it does, it paints a very telling picture of who and what it values. 

female gaze regards desire/attraction first, and in white supremacist culture this means the hierarchy of white dudes, then white women, then men of colour, then women of colour. looking at overall patterns in who gets written about and who gets shunned, female gaze in fandom patterns seems to be pretty representative of the social hierarchy that ranks most-to-least valuable/humanised people. 

introduction to fandom studies tells us about the values of fandom as mostly-female created space, but it rarely goes beyond that. the female gaze can be racist. it can be imperialist, ableist, transphobic, misogynistic, despite it being a  concept that aims to subvert the male gaze because it did not develop in a vacuum; it developed in a society that’s oppressive and marginalising, therefore it bears the capacity of being equally oppressive and marginalising just like all other forms of media

fandom as a manifestation of the female gaze may be more progressive than male-controlled mainstream media, but doesn’t mean it’s automatically absolved of the social issues it was born in. 

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