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I’m pretty sure this is the lady that played yzma in the emporers new groove

Motherfuckers, educate yourselves when it comes to Eartha Kitt.

Eartha Kitt is Catwoman. She is Freya. She’s Shaleem-La-Lume, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Angel, and Helen of Troy.

She was a civil rights activist, a peace activist, an LGTBQ activist (considering it a civil right), did benefit concerts and fundraisers for HIV AIDS orgs, she testified on behalf of “Rebels with a Cause” to set up their youth clean up group, she made Lady Bird Johnson cry when commenting on the Vietnam War while she was IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR A GODDAMNED LUNCH. The CIA called her a nymphomaniac for it.

AND HAVE YOU HEARD HER SING? Cheesus, she’s got a star of Hollywood blvd for a reason. 

We all may know her best as evil Yzma but she was a heaven sent kind of lady.


Y’all are making me feel old as dirt, talking about Eartha Kitt like voicing Yzma is the most recognizable thing she’s done. 

ALSO she played Madame Zeroni and that is not to be forgotten.

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cease-and-de-cis: i saw you found it but i just finished this tute and thought it might be useful for others!

Using Xkit as a handy pronoun tool!

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My middle school orchestra teacher has this hanging in her room. It’s fantastic.

This is what it sounds like. REALLY good song.

My friend keeps practising it. Fucking amazing. I’m fairly certain the music got written by someone doodling geometric figures on a sheet of music paper and then realizing they’d actually written the song of the gods.

The linked video is apparently not the actual Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz.

The score is a parody by John Stump and is not intended to actually be playable. In fact, some of the notes include instructions such as “like a dirigible” and “release the penguins”.

I don’t know how accurate this is, but it seems a much more accurate (and not prettified) attempt to play the unplayable. [link]



i think suicidal people are just angels that want to go home.

hi as an actually suicidal person can you please shove this romanticized bullshit back up your ass? Thanks.

Tatiana Maslany started out as a dancer. Her movements are so precise; you can do five takes of a scene involving a glass of water and she’ll have that glass in exactly the same place every time.
— Kate Melville (Director, Picture Day)
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I need to remember these sometimes.


Excellent advice, all of it.

Supreme Court rules unanimously: If you are convicted of domestic violence charges, you can't have guns.



They did something right

About time.

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Okay that’s it I’m done with this—for now.

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thats so precious omg



heads up to all my game of thrones/asoiaf followers. GRRM released a arya chapter from TWOW and the trigger warnings are for rape, sexual assault, and child molestation. If you have any triggers relating to children being the targets of any sexual behavior you should avoid this chapter.

ETA: the chapter also contains the usual exotification and othering of non-white folks. In this case, there’s gross anti-blackness and hypersexualization thrown in there. thanks to allerasphinx for pointing out that that would also be triggering to ppl.




Volunteering at a soup kitchen is one of the least productive things you can do to change the world. Art can inspire people and motivate them. Food is important, yes, but you aren’t changing that person’s life. 

whoever wrote this post has definitely never been hungry

I remember one christmas we were short on money so my brother just drew us some pictures of mashed potato it was poppin!!! We ate the pencils too!!!

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So I won 400 boxes of pocky that is supposed to last me a year. This is the most important thing that has ever happened to me.

i give it a month

I give it a  week.


surround yourself with people who

  • praise you because they mean it
  • don’t want anything but your company
  • do their best to understand you
  • you feel like you can confront if you need to
  • (know they can confront you lovingly in turn)
  • make you feel comfortable
  • stick with you through good and bad times
  • are positive influences on your everyday life
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coffee break

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wow i’m a teenager trying to figure out this horrifying dystopian world with minimal resources and constant terror while frequently fighting just to stay alive you know what i really have time for

a love triangle

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‘Royals’ Parody Takes Aim at Race and Hollywood Typecasting

What’s it like to be an actress of color in Hollywood? Probably not that great, considering the limited roles that are written for women of color. Actress Tess Paras pokes fun at this sorry state of affairs in this video parody set to Lorde’s “Royals.”

Featured in Grimm’s Mommy Dearest episode.

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7 reasons ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is the most progressive sitcom on TV

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine surprised many Golden Globes viewers when it took home two trophies at this year’s ceremony, its freshman season has been churning out one solid episode after another. And not only is the show hysterical, but it may be the most progressive show on TV. The cop comedy is on-point when it comes to portraying women, gay characters and people of color. Other shows should take notes when attempting to deliver a similarly progressive message to a millennial audience.

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